Gunite Pool Construction Process

Building Your Dream

The first step to building your backyard dream is to schedule a consultation with one of our gifted, in-house designers. Our designer will assess the location based on your desires and discuss the various options available to you. There is no limitation on creativity – we can create any size, shape, or depth of pool or spa you can imagine although some options are dependent on the varying elevations or unique shape of your yard, and location of the pool or spa. After we fully understand your requirements and wishes, we deliver clear information on features and construction time.  Should you decide to proceed with the pool building process, we will ask you for a plot plan of your residence so we can create and present you with a 3-D full-color design of the customized pool that your designer creates based on your input. This gives you an opportunity to see your ideas for the pool take shape, and gives you an opportunity to discuss options or make changes relative to value and costs. Your input is instrumental to making your pool truly unique – you are an active member of the design process. Our individualized approach to pool design and building insures we can bring your vision to reality with a pool that fits your needs, your property, your budget and enhances your lifestyle. Once you contract with EWP, we will obtain the necessary permits, have utility lines marked and begin building your dream.



Prior to any work being done, we paint the shape of your pool on the ground as a guide for the excavators. You approve the pool’s outline and position prior to the scheduling of the dig.


Our unique excavation specifications include vertically excavated walls and flat floors. This creates a safer, more enjoyable and spacious swimming pool compared to the industry norm.

Plumbing and Equipment

Your pool plumbing and equipment are the guts of your pool. Done correctly, a pool’s hydraulics will ensure years and years of trouble free enjoyment with minimal maintenance.

Steel Rebar

Steel rebar is placed throughout your pool on a steel grid pattern. The steel reinforces the tensile strength of your pool’s concrete shell. The vast majority of pool companies use standardized



Standard Features include a full –sized pool light with remote control abilities. A control panel will be placed at the equipment for daily, effortless pool system control.


Our pneumatically placed (shot in place with air pressure) shell is a minimum thickness of 6″. In coves and stress areas it is a minimum of 8″ thick. Our bond beam and

Masonry and Rock

Like all the initial phases of construction, our masonry and rock work are built and engineered with long-term durability in mind. Now we add a new criteria—-appearance.


Tile deck, spray deck, pea gravel decks, pavers, colored concrete — you dream and we can do it. The large horizontal covering we call a pool deck is the most visible part of your pool.

Interior Surfaces

Again, there are many choices here. Tile surfaces, pebble surfaces, stone surfaces, plaster and an array of colors and textures allow for the pool to be individualized for your décor and needs.