Vinyl Liner Pool Start Up and Water Chemistry

Pool Start Up Services


Edgewater Pools LLC Vinyl Procedure

Congratulations on your new swimming pool investment!  These instructions will help you understand how to help us startup and you maintain the water chemistry of your brand new pool.

  1. No one should be allowed in the pool until it is completely filled and we have started up the pool pump and the water chemistry has been adjusted.
  2. Once the pool is built, we will begin filling the pool with water. If you have fiberglass steps, turn off the water at the bottom step so that we can come back and install the liner at the steps.
  3. Once the liner is installed at the steps, we will start up the water again. Please keep a close eye on your pool and turn off the water once it reaches the middle of your skimmer.  You do not want the pool to overfill or flood which can cause damage.
  4. You may notice a few pieces of vinyl material at the corners of your steps. Sometimes we use vinyl wedges to protect the liner at a corner.  These can be removed once the pool is filled.
  5. You may notice a few wrinkles in your liner. Small wrinkles are normal. Large wrinkles can easily be fixed by our team.
  6. On occasion, your liner can pull away from the liner track. This normally occurs in the first year and is common.  We will be back to adjust it.

Water Chemistry

  1. We will start up your brand new pool, adjust the water chemistry, and schedule your orientation normally within one week.
  2. If you have a salt water pool, we will add the salt to the pool and start the chlorine generator. When the water temperature is over 60 degrees, it will produce your chlorine.  When the water temperature is below 60 in the off season, it does not produce chlorine.  You may need to add a little chlorine to the pool until the system comes back on in the spring.

Here are the steps that we will go over with your water chemistry.

  1. For the first 30 days, test your water every 3 days with the simple test strips we provide.
  2. Make adjustments to your water per the directions on each container of chemicals.
  3. Always dilute the chemicals in a bucket with water (water first) and never mix them together, before adding to the pool.
  4. Pool chemicals are added directly to the pool except UV Block. This is added to the skimmer.
  5. After 30 days, start testing your water once a week and make adjustments as necessary.
  6. If you have a salt water pool, you will be making adjustments to your chlorine output a few times a year to dial in the proper range that is recommended.
  7. Remember a crystal clear pool does not mean that the chemistry is correct. A vinyl liner will wear quickly if the PH or Alkalinity is out of balance and you will not know this unless you do the simple water test with your test strips.