Pool Winterization

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Most of our customers enjoy the atmosphere of their pool year round without installing a cover. If you have water features like water falls, deck jets, or water sheers, you should consider winterizing them to prevent frozen plumbing or damage to your decking. This is done by using compressed air and blowing the water out of the lines.

When you winterize a pool, you are chemically-treating it and preparing it and the equipment against freeze-thaw damage when the pool is not in use. Spending a little time and extra effort when you close and winterize the pool will make a huge difference in what you find when it’s time to open it in spring. You can winterize the pool yourself by doing the following:

  • Clean out the pool, skimmer and pump basket; and scrub the tile and vacuum the pool one last time.
  • Check your pH, total alkalinity, calcium and chlorine levels and adjust accordingly to get everything in check and at normal levels.
  • Drain the water just below the skimmer mouth to protect the pool from freezing water as it can expand and cause damage.
  • Disconnect the pump, filter and heater and drain all the water. Remove all jet fittings.
  • Clean the filter thoroughly.

Following these steps should help prevent avoidable damage that could cost a lot of money when you open it. If you aren’t confident that you can close it correctly, call the pool service professionals at Edgewater Pools LLC to schedule your pool winterization or pool closing service.[/fusion_text][/fullwidth]

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